SC Highway Patrolman honored for bravery

On Tuesday night, a South Carolina Highway Patrolman was recognized for an act of heroism.

According to Highway Patrol, a high-speed chase involving gunfire between suspects and South Carolina Highway Trooper Doug Sarvis took place in Aynor on September 14.

A police report says, Sarvis tried to pull a vehicle over, when the driver suddenly sped off, and someone inside the vehicle began shooting at him. The pursuit continued down Highway 319 until police say the driver eventually hit a guardrail and wrecked his car.

The report goes on to say, shots coming from inside the vehicle continued to be fired at Sarvis throughout the pursuit. Tuesday night, the Coastal Carolina Shields, an organization of retired law enforcement officers living along the coasts of North and South Carolina, recognized Sarvis' bravery with an award.

"We felt that through his heroism, he prevented a tragedy that could have been a lot worse if these perpetrators were not apprehended," Dennis Cangelosi, President of the Coastal Carolina Shields said.

The award is given yearly to a deserving officer who exemplifies what the job is all about.

The Coastal Carolina Shields has more than 600 members who've retired from more than 200 law enforcement agencies.

"In law enforcement, we say we have hours of boredom and seconds of terror. It is a boring job mostly, believe it or not, but there are times when it becomes terror, and you never know who you're going to run into like he did," Cangelosi said.

Sarvis was joined by his family and friends during the award ceremony and said recognition for law enforcement officials is deeply appreciated.

"That's something we don't get on a daily basis. We don't get much recognition for things that we do. And for an organization like these guys to come out and give it to us is really a great honor for myself and South Carolina Highway Patrol," Sarvis said.

If you're a retired member of law enforcement and would like to become a member of the Coastal Carolina Shields, click here.