Pre-Thanksgiving Pizza Popularity ranks the day before Thanksgiving as one of the top five pizza days of the entire year, coming in slightly behind Superbowl Sunday and New Year's Eve.

Audal Rivera, Manager at A La Marios Pizza in Conway, has been in the pizza industry for 17 years, and said tonight is his version of Black Friday.

"They come do their Thanksgiving shopping and then they stop and get something on their way, or either they come and they order then do the shopping and come pick it up 20 minutes later," Rivera said.

A La Mario's Pizza serves up somewhere between 50-100 pizzas during the day on Thanksgiving Eve, and almost another 100 that night. But what makes pizza so popular today? Customers say it's all about the convenience.

"Who wants to take time out to cook? So pizza is easy and this place is wonderful- they make the pizza here, so why not," Tarsha Busby, a customer coming to pick up her pizza said.

"People, they're preparing for cooking a big meal the next day, so they don't feel like doing all that cooking on the day before," Rivera said.

Pizza places nationwide are also benefiting from this un-official pizza holiday.

Pizza Hut has actually declared the day before Thanksgiving "Red Roof Wednesday," and expects to sell nearly 1,500 tons of pizza.