Palmetto state is focus of immigration reform battle

South Carolina has become the newest battleground state over immigration reform.

Thursday, one organization announced a campaign across the state to push for passage of an immigration reform bill.

The ad campaign comes from a faith-based group called Evangelical Immigration Table, that crosses some bipartisan lines uniting conservative and liberal denominations.

As the Senate takes up the debate over immigration reform, listeners of Christian radio stations around the state will hear the group's ad in the coming weeks.

"So please join a growing movement of Christians asking our political leaders for immigration solutions rooted in Biblical values," says Rev. Jim Goodroe, the Director of Missions for the Spartanburg Co. Baptist Network in the commercial.

The ad doesn't mention any politician by name, but it's clearly targeting one man in particular: Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of the so-called "gang of eight" in the Senate that has forged a compromise reform bill.

The evangelical group is placing a "Pray for Reform" billboard outside Graham's Columbia office.

Dr. Bill Davis of Myrtle Beach supports immigration reform and believes the faith-based push will make a difference.

"I think it'll be miraculous if it happens, and I would encourage it, it'd be wonderful, because I think they're coming from the same basis that the Declaration of Independence. The Creator has endowed us with certain rights, " Davis said.

Davis has been a member of the South Carolina Christian Action Council and has seen the state's sharp divisions between liberal and conservative Christians.

He says undocumented workers deserve justice and thinks the evangelical movement could help.

"It'll be amazing if the churches could do it and I would support it totally, and I hope all churches come together."

The evangelical group is not the only one doing paid advertising. A group called the Palmetto State Coalition for Immigration Reform, made up of business, faith and political leaders, is launching a TV ad campaign across the state.