November 12 election will go on in Atlantic Beach

Conflicting information has been circulating regarding Election Day in Atlantic Beach, so Monday night, the town's Official Municipal Election Committee met to discuss what they're doing to let residents know there will be an election on November 12.

Municipal Election Committee Chairperson Joey Montgomery said he has held the position since town council and the town's manager appointed him more than two months ago.

"We've also had training. We've been been trained by the state election commission. Chris Whitmire led the training, a day of training. We're going to take two more courses online, and we have 18 months to do that," Montgomery said.

Last week, Patricia Bellamy said she was in charge of the town's election commission, and that Carolyn Cole and Windy Price were the only candidates to file to run in the town's upcoming election, so they were automatically re-elected.

Mayor Evans told WPDE that is untrue, and that Bellamy was a part of the old election commission, which was voted out.

To make sure people know about the November 12 election, Montgomery said there will be a letter sent out to all residents of Atlantic Beach, as well as posters advertising the election put up around town.

"Clarification. That's the purpose of my getting the letter out to all the voters. Letting them know that November 12 is the official election," Montgomery said.

According to paperwork obtained from town hall, the three candidates on the ballot for November 12 are Lenearl Evans, Kenneth McLaurin, and former mayor Retha Pierce.