Not everyone's sold on re-districting Horry County students

The Horry County School District is trying to handle the large numbers of families moving into the Grand Strand and surrounding areas, and one way they're trying to do that is by changing school attendance lines.

The school district's Attendance Area Site Committee met Monday night at Carolina Forest High School to get some feedback from members and parents whose kids would be going to different schools if the changes are approved.

Right now, the Carolina Forest area would be affected the most by the re-districting.

"Ultimately, we're trying to maximize our use of facilities. Where we have room in facilities, we want to take advantage of that. We want to balance the growth so that they're not experiencing too much," Joe Burch, Coordinator of Planning said.

Building new schools right now isn't a feasible option Burch said, so he and the committee are trying to make sure all schools are equally full.

The biggest change the re-districting would make is that middle school students in Carolina Forest would be split between already-overcrowded Ocean Bay Middle School and Blackwater Middle School.

"I think anytime you make an attendance line change like this, there is a period of time where it's in flux. I think you have people that don't want to move, you have some people that are ok with it, and the bulk of people tend to go to the new school," Burch said.

A handful of parents voiced their concerns to committee members and said they're worried how the school attendance line changes would affect their community.

"You're always going to have some people that aren't getting everything they want, and some people that aren't totally happy, but I think it does take time," Burch said.

Parents were also worried about quality of education at each middle school, and Burch said that shouldn't be an issue within Horry County.

"I think you can go anywhere and get a quality 21st century education that is going to benefit your child now and in the future. Everything else is just a building. It's what you get in that building that matters," Burch said.

The district-wide committee will receive the feedback from Monday night's meeting, and they will make a final decision on the best plan of action.

District representatives say if passed, these changes could take effect as soon as next school year.