North Myrtle Beach uses wristbands to prevent missing children

In a sea of thousands of people, a child can go missing very easily.

The city of North Myrtle Beach passes out wristbands to families who want a little extra help to keep track of each other.

The free wristbands come in an assortment of colors. Each color coincides with a particular area of the beach.

Lifeguards will write their tower number along with any personal information the family wants to add.

North Myrtle Beach patrol officer Amanda McGraw says the written tower number helps "to see what area the child is staying for the week."

Vacationer Kevin Hair is all too familiar with the feeling of missing a child. His daughter Lindsey was lost inside their house once.

"It's a feeling unlike any other one. I've been through it once and never want to do it again," he says.

Hair says losing a child isn't always because a parent is irresponsible. "I mean in a blink of an eye they can be out of sight and you panic even though you know they're close by. If you can't make eye contact, you panic," he says.

Hair says he does talk about important information with his daughter in case she would get lost. However, he admits having the information on the wristband would be good, in case she forgot.

Police urge parents and caregivers to make a plan with children if they ever do get lost.

Important information to know is where you're staying, parent's names, and hometown.

If your child is missing, please contact the police immediately.

If you are interested in a wristband, ask the lifeguard.