No Trick-or-Treating for sex offenders in Horry County

On Halloween night, trick-or-treaters won't be knocking on doors of registered sex offenders who are under supervision in Horry County.

Horry County Probation Parole Officer Richard Loskill said for the past 10 years, Horry County has put a Halloween day curfew on convicted sex offenders on parole.

Under the curfew, they cannot leave their homes between the hours of 5:30-9:00 p.m., they can't go trick-or-treating, and no lights can be on outside of their homes.

"Some people might leave a light on, as far as violations. We have never found anything. Everybody's always been in compliance, because they know in advance that we take this seriously," Loskill said.

Loskill said this is just a preventative measure to keep everyone safe on Halloween, and there are other safety policies you should follow before participating in Halloween festivities.

"Plan your route, safety first, go in groups, escort young children, and check your websites before you go out."

He said websites like SLED's make it easy for people to locate sex offenders living near their homes.

Links to websites that can help locate sex offenders in your area: