No comfort on Comfort Court in Conway

"What I wouldn't give right now just for a hot shower. I don't even care if the heat comes back on. Just some bit of warmth," longtime Conway resident and WPDE NewsChannel 15 viewer Brett Small said.

Small called our newsroom Thursday afternoon to tell us it had been nearly 35 hours since the lights went out in his neighborhood, but he was wondering why his neighbors across the street were up and running again, and he was still in a power struggle.

"You can't get a shower because it's so cold in the house. You can't cook anything because you're stove is electric. It's not fun. It's not fun at all," Barbara Stinson, another resident of Comfort Court said.

To help the residents out, WPDE NewsChannel 15 called Penelope Hinson with the Horry Electric Co-Op to find out why.

"It's not really light because their meter is running. They could have a generator. Or, they could have a kerosene lamp or something that looks like they have lights," Hinson said.

Hinson says the crews at Horry Electric are working around the clock to restore power fully to all customers, and that homes next to each other may have their power restored at different times.

"You'll see improvement in numbers very quickly, and we want people to be sure they check their individual weather heads to make sure they're ready to receive power as we're ready to deliver it," Hinson said.

Small contacted us Thursday night and said his power was restored about 9:15pm.

If you do decide to run a generator at your home, you're reminded to make sure you do so outside.