NMB lifeguards issue red flag to alert beach-goers

Thursday, lifeguards in North Myrtle Beach put up a red flag to warn the public about rough seas.

Winds were steady at 20 mph and were gusting up to 30 mph all afternoon Thursday, so lifeguards put out the red flag.

If a red flag is up, swimmers should not go farther out than waist-deep water.

Jay Woodward, North Myrtle Beach lifeguard supervisor says, "Just exercise extreme caution whenever you see the red flag."

Woodward says make sure to keep an eye out for children as the waves become stronger.

"A red flag should be a warning to any one who's going to the ocean for any reason, boats, jet skis, surfers; conditions are hazardous and you really need to know what you're doing if you're going out in these conditions," said Woodward.

The next level or warning would be a double red flag. That means two red flags up at once, and all swimmers are prohibited from going into the water.

This was the second red flag alert to be put out in North Myrtle Beach since May 19, when their lifeguard season began.