New hope for family of missing Myrtle Beach man

The story of three women who had been missing for about a decade and were found alive Monday in a home in downtown Cleveland has given new hope to families of missing persons everywhere, including on the Grand Strand and in the Pee Dee.

That includes the family of Brandon "Peanut" Graves of Myrtle Beach, who hasn't been seen in more than three years.

At Martha German's home in Dillon County, the phone started ringing at 5:30 Tuesday morning, from Graves' family and friends.

One cousin asked her, 'Have you heard the news?'

"She said, thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus. She said, 'We still got hope, we still got hope,' " said German, Graves' cousin.

German says she has no idea what happened to Graves, who disappeared not long after graduating from Coastal Carolina University.

He was asked to leave a Sumter nightclub on the night of January 30, 2010 and hasn't been seen since.

German hopes God will touch the heart of someone who knows where he is and is willing to come forward.

"I'm still looking and got hope that Peanut is somewhere," she said.

Graves' cousin Jacqueline Graves says it would be a blessing if, like the three women in Cleveland, Peanut could someday get away to a phone and call his family.

She has never given up searching for him.

"Even in little towns I go through, I'm looking, constantly looking," Jacqueline Graves said. "You know, they could have cut his hair or did something to him, but I know that face if I see it."

Another cousin says every day since Peanut's disappearance, his family has been asking questions, staying in touch with law enforcement and keeping his case alive.

"We're not quitting until we find an answer to the disappearance of Peanut. If it takes 20 years from now, we're not going to let it be a cold case. We're going to keep this trail hot," said Larry German.

If you have information about the disappearance of Brandon "Peanut" Graves, call Sumter County Crime Stoppers at 803-436-2718.