New HOA Rules could force couple to give up 14-year-old pet

In many homes, pets are considered members of the family, but according to a resident in one Myrtle Beach condominium community, his Home Owners' Association is making a two-pet only rule.

Sherman Bertrand, his wife Sheila, and their three dogs Scarlet, Rhett and Ginger live in Dunes Pointe Plantation.

One month ago, Bertrand received a letter in his mailbox from his Home Owners' Association board stating anyone with more than two pets will have to downsize or pay a $100 fine per day.

Current pets would not be grandfathered in.

"The board is supposed to be used as a reasonable and just. Not something unreasonable and inhumane," Bertrad said.

Bertrand was the former President of the Home Owner's Association Board.

He told WPDE NewsChannel 15 the current board is trying to comply with rules they say Bertrand's board voted on.

But he said those rules actually proposed a 4 pet limit with none above 35 pounds, and anyone who wasn't in compliance wouldn't face immediate penalty.

"We've gotten calls all the way from Conway to North Carolina to New Jersey. We put them on Facebook and every response has been what are they doing, why are they doing this? We don't understand them. They're crazy. They're insane," Bertrand said.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 made a phone call to the Home Owners' Association to find out why this rule was put in place, but they haven't returned it.

Scarlet, Rhett and Ginger are all 14-years-old. He said they've never been apart before in their entire lives.

"It would be devastating to have to take one away from the other. They're like bonded together all the time," Bertrand said.

The rule is supposed to take effect Saturday, March 1.