Neighbors rejoice in motel demolition on Ocean Boulevard

Abandoned motels on the south end of Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach are slowly but surely being demolished, and neighbors couldn't be happier.

Business owners, employees, and renters we spoke with all said they've been waiting for something to be done to Golden Sands, Holiday South, and Majestic Shores.

They say the abandoned properties have been a hindrance to the south end.

The City of Myrtle Beach demolished the Golden Sands Motel on Wednesday after it sat empty since July.

"We're actually happy about it. They've been a problem for the south end for quite awhile," said Mark Falsetti, employee at Vancouver Motel.

Once the city gets another demolition permit, Holiday South will be demolished next.

"I video taped it on my iPad. I said, I'm glad the first one is gone. I said I can't wait until this one is gone," said David and Charlotte Matthews, condominium owners.

The Matthews say the vacant motels have created many problems.

"It's horrible they had trash here, everywhere. It was a mess, it was an eyesore, it was terrible," said Charlotte Matthews.

Mark Falsetti, who's an employee at Vancouver Motel, which is next door to Golden Sands, says what happened at Golden Sands and Holiday South sometimes worried their guests.

"They didn't have the nicest of guests next door. They had the police called to the property many times for domestic violence or drug abuse or what have you. It just made a real big problem on the south end," said Falsetti.

Falsetti has hope that the demolition will bring new people and new jobs to an area that's in desperate need of it.

"That seemed to be a focal point for the south end, it had a bad reputation, and with it being gone completely, now we think it's the beginning of good changes," said Falsetti.

Kathy Jones across the street from Golden Sands says she's already seen an improvement since the city started to step in.

"We're excited about seeing everything. It's again seeing the buildings come down, seeing the ocean over there, we get a nice little peek of oceanfront," said James.

The city is still working with the owner of Majestic Shores to finalize demolition plans.