NASA releases aerial view of storm

Photo Credit: Courtesy: NASA images

NASA has released several aerial images of the massive winter storm that is covering much of the U.S. and impacting an estimated 100 million Americans.

NASA's pictures show, what looks like, an enormous white cloud over every state, except parts of California, Nevada, Texas and the southern most tip of Florida.

While states are feeling the storm's impact in different ways, the awe inspiring images make it seem as though snow is being dumped on the entire continental U.S.

NewsChannel 15's Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski says the pictures illustrate a classic mid-latitude cyclone, or a massive winter storm that spans several thousand miles. Ed says this storm is actually no bigger than previous storms in December and January that rolled up the east coast, except two-thirds of those storms were over the Atlantic Ocean and not impacting land and east coast residents.