Myrtle Beach DRC wants more parking downtown

As the summer heats up, so does the competition for a parking spot in downtown Myrtle Beach.

More parking spots have been apart of a Pavilion Area Master Plan that the Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation has been working on to make sure 16th Avenue North to 6th Avenue South is re-developed as needed.

David Sebok, DRC executive director, says in the past 14 years, they've accomplished almost everything on the master plan except adding four remote parking garages; he says that's because of a lack of funding.

The DRC is now looking at various avenues to make extra parking a reality.

Jake Mauldin works at event parking, which is a privately owned company. He says the more parking the better.

Mauldin charges drivers $10 per vehicle to park in the lot all day.

"Parking is kind of at a minimum as far as business owning their own parking down here. Usually its either going to be a parking meter, or a private business like this lot," said Mauldin.

Sebok says some businesses are hard to access along Ocean Boulevard because of the minimum parking. He says the DRC is looking at the whole stretch of 16th Avenue North to 6th Avenue South for additional parking.

"We're looking at the entire area and deciding what amount of parking is appropriate for what areas," said Sebok.

Donnavan Billings, a local of Myrtle Beach, says he would like to see more parking lots made available for tourist trying to get to the beach.

"I definitely would like to see that. It will take a lot of congestion off the streets with people parking on the side of the road, and might cut down on accidents," said Billings.

Sebok says in about six months, they hope to have a more solidified plan to bring forward to city council for approval.

Sebok says more parking will encourage redevelopment in the area.