Mothers Against Drunk Driving push new legislation

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says South Carolina has one of the worst drunk driving records in the nation, and now they're focusing their attention on one law they say the state desperately needs.

It's called 'Emma's Law', and it would require first time convicted drunk drivers with a blood alcohol level of .12 or higher to have an ignition lock on their cars.

"If the legislature decided that's the way they wanted to go with it, that would be more than fine with us," said Horry and Georgetown County Solicitor, Jimmy Richardson.

Richardson says currently in South Carolina, first time drunk drivers can face some jail time, and will have to pay up.

"All these things that you really don't think of when you take an extra drink and get behind the wheel of a car; Attorney fees, all of that come up to over five, but somewhere less than $10,000," said Richardson.

MADD is hoping South Carolina joins the other 21 states who require the interlock devices for all DUI offenders.

Dawn Kennealy supports the idea.

"That's a great idea, absolutely, without a doubt. If they can't be responsible on their own, then they need somebody to make them responsible," said Kennealy.

Charbel Haddad thinks people will find loopholes. "I don't think it's going to help. People who are going to drink are going to drink anyway," he said.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says last year in Horry County there were 348 DUI related collisions, in Florence County there were 198.

MADD has a petition to pass Emma's Law in South Carolina.

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