Missing woman's mom: "It's terrible. I miss her so much."

Angie Pipkin's mother, Gail, talked one-on-one with WPDE NewsChannel 15 Friday night about how her family is handling the murder of her daughter. Thursday, police filed murder charges against Randy Gale Robinson in the death of Angie Pipkin.

Gail said her family was suspicious of Robinson from the day he and Angie met.

"She went out with him a couple times and stuff, and he kept telling her how much he was in love with her, and he wanted her to be with him and things like that. And Angie would tell us all this stuff, and it really had me scared," Pipkin said.

Gail says Robinson and Angie never officially dated, but he quickly became infatuated with her after he met her at the bar where she worked.

Angie was last seen January 16 when her grandfather dropped her off at the IGA in Aynor to meet a friend. Gail says that friend was Robinson.

But why did Angie meet him there? Gail said it was out of fear.

"She had wrecked his truck, and he told her he had put a warrant out on her. And if she would go back to his house and be with him that night, that he would drop the charges," Pipkin said.

Gail says Angie told her multiple times she was afraid of Robinson.

"She told me she was scared to death of him, but it was more important for her, I guess, to stay out of jail," Robinson said.

When Angie disappeared in January, Gail said some of her family went to Robinson's Murrells Inlet home to question him.

"He told them that he hadn't seen her in three weeks and that he didn't know where she was at and that he was so much in love with her. Told them a lot of lies," Pipkin said.

Angie has left behind two daughters: a 15-year-old and a 6-year-old, and now it's Gail's job to raise them.

The Pipkin family is in the process of organizing a vigil in Darlington County where police think her body may be. We will tell you where and when the vigil will be as soon as that information becomes available.