Law proposed to regulate filming after reality show gripes

Georgetown County will consider putting limits on shooting TV shows and movies, after the filming of a reality show sparked bitter opposition in Murrells Inlet.

Some of the town's residents complained about the noise, abusive language and rowdy behavior they say came during the six weeks of filming of the show, tentatively named "Party Down South", at a creekside home.

Georgetown County Councilman Jerry Oakley says he'll propose an ordinance at Tuesday's council meeting that would regulate future filming.

"Filming activities in residential neighborhoods is disruptive and intrusive. We need a comprehensive ordinance to protect the neighborhoods from intrusion and disruption," Oakley said.

Though the final ordinance isn't written yet, Oakley says it would require future film productions to get a permit, and would place restrictions on time, place and manner when filming.

He believes it's possible to pass a law that would allow property owners the right to host film productions, without disrupting their neighbors.

"We're trying to balance everyone's rights here, the rights of private property owners, but certainly the rights of folks in a residential neighborhood not to have to suffer disruption and intrusion such as those folks had to suffer in the recent experience."

Georgetown County has been the filming location for several previous movie productions, including The Bay and The Notebook.

Oakley says the county welcomes the jobs and money they inject into the economy.

"Provided that they live by the rules and that they don't create problems in residential neighborhoods with disruptive activities such as filming," he said.

Oakley says Georgetown County had never hosted a reality show before and wasn't really ready for it, but now he wants to prevent the problems that some say happened in Murrells Inlet from happening again.