Law Enforcement: Keeping the peace during Atlantic Beach Bikefest

Keeping the peace and keeping traffic moving safely will be the major focus for law enforcement during the 34th annual Atlantic Beach Bikefest that officially kicked off Friday.

Sergeant Thomas Dennis, with the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety says he will spend his Memorial Day weekend with his eyes on the road looking out for people.

"Basically just keep the peace, make sure we keep our presences known; we're here," said Dennis.

Sgt. Dennis said they're monitoring the streets around the festival and looking for any potential problems. They also are reminding motorcyclists to keeping an eye out on their personal gear.

Raleigh Jackson who traveled from Texas to attend Bikefest says he's fully prepared to lock up his bike when it's not in use.

"We got a big chain and three or four locks, we're good to go," said Jackson.

Jackson said he appreciates the police's presence after some of the rumors he's heard about the festival.

"What we heard in the past is it got kind of rowdy out here. The more police out here the better," said Jackson.

For the first time North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach signed a mutual aid agreement for the festival. That agreement makes it easier, legally, for NMB police to respond to any emergency situation in Atlantic Beach.