Keeping with resolutions all year long

A new year brings new change and motivation. Along with that comes new resolutions that eventually seem to fade away as weeks go on.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 spoke with a health and financial expert who say sticking with new year's resolutions can be possible if you have discipline.

One of the common goals for a new year is to shed some pounds.

Tre Capp, who's a personal trainer at Gold's Gym says there are three things that can help you stay excited about working out.

One includes switching up your exercise regime. Another includes having a gym buddy, and lastly, setting realistic goals.

"If you don't lose any weight in the first couple of weeks, don't let that discourage you. Keep doing what you're doing. If you're making changes in your diet, and making changes in your exercise regime, it's going to be good for your body," said Capp.

Joseph and Luanne Biskup have two kids going to college and are looking to add some bulk to their wallet. "We're going to try to put some money away this year in funds or something, so it will help with college and our retirement," said Biskup.

Ivan Sacks, an investment advisor with Kingsley Advisors, says the most important thing to do is get a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA as soon as possible.

"So, that you've already established one way that you'll always have money for when you need it later on," said Sacks.

Sacks also suggests hiding your credit card for two weeks and only allowing yourself a couple hundred dollars to live on and see if you can make it work.

"Hopefully it will be a year of bountiful blessings, and that people will have saved a lot of money," said Sacks.

One last tip Sacks suggests is try to limit the use of credit cards. If you have two cards, Sacks says pay one off and cut it up afterward.