Keeping pets away from Easter baskets

Easter is right around the corner, and pet owners need to remember that those chocolates, candies, and gum can be deadly depending on the type of treat and size of the animal.

Jonathan Needham knows how scary it can be when a dog gets sick from chocolate. He says his dog Maya helped herself to six white chocolate truffles.

"She usually is incredibly playful, but she was very, very lethargic," said Needham.

So how much chocolate is too much for a small dog? WPDE NewsChannel 15 asked the experts at the Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand.

"Approximately 3 ounces of milk chocolate is potentially lethal for a 10 pound dog. Dark chocolate is much stronger," said Dr. John Coulter, veterinarian.

Bakers chocolate is the worst for dogs.

"It leads to heart rate being very fast, it can lead to seizures and even death," said Dr. Coulter.

Dr. Coulter says if your pet consumes chocolate, you can try a home remedy like ingesting small amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

"A lot of times we will advocate for them to throw up before they get here," said Dr. Coulter.

Dr. Coulter says the hydrogen peroxide should be given up to two hours after the pet ate the candy.

Needham said that's exactly what he did.

"It works, I mean she was throwing up and making a big mess, but it was good because a lot of foil that she ate also from the candies came out," said Needham.

But it's not just chocolate and wrappers you need to watch out for; gum and other candies are also toxic.

"It cost me $1,600 to try and fix her. It wasn't chocolate but it was artificial sweetener found in candy and gum that also may be inside easter baskets so keep those away from your pets as well," said Maggie Bettinazzi, veterinarian technician.

Veterinarians say cats typically don't eat chocolate but will get into the plastic Easter grass inside Easter baskets which can be just as dangerous.

For more information and hours of operation for the Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand click here.