Horry County's "Riding on a Penny" tax set to expire in March

Six years ago, voters in Horry County approved an additional penny on the sales tax to better roads within the county.

Since then, we've been paying an extra penny on the dollar for all retail sales, accommodations and prepared foods and beverages to fund those projects.

Right now, the county is in Phase 2 of a 3-Phase plan called "Riding on a Penny."

The county has enough money to finish out Phase 2, which includes The Glenn's Bay Road widening and interchange project, finishing International Drive, paving dirt roads and re-surfacing others.

But on March 30, the penny tax expires.

In order to proceed with a Phase 3, Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier says major decisions need to be made.

"A commission has to be appointed part by Horry County Council and part by majority of the cities. That's a 6-member commission. Then they have to research the projects, have public input, public meetings, and put together a priority list to go before County Council to actually put on a referendum," Bourcier said.

Tuesday night, Horry County Council met to discuss Phase 3. No final decision was made, but most members were in agreement to put off a vote to extend the tax until the November 2016 election, just to give it the time it deserves.

The referendum would have to be on a general election year, which would mean either November 2014 or November 2016.

There is no timeline as to when council needs to make a final decision on this matter.

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