Horry County woman in custody in Heather Elvis case now charged with Kidnapping

Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center

The woman taken into custody on Friday in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis in Horry County is now charged with Kidnapping.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 has confirmed the kidnapping charge is related to the Heather Elvis case, according to Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

According to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center's online records, on Sunday, an additional charge of Kidnapping was filed against Tammy Moorer.

Moorer and her husband Sidney Moorer were taken into custody on Friday as police executed an 11-hour search of their home and property in connection to the disappearance of Heather Elvis. Elvis, 20, was last seen on December 17.

Saturday, Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer were each charged with two counts of Indecent Exposure, and one count of Obstruction of Justice.

Horry County police have not released the arrest warrants that would explain the charges in detail. WPDE NewsChannel 15 is working to obtain copies of those arrest warrants.

Bond hearings were held for and Moorer on Saturday on the Indecent Exposure and Obstruction of Justice charges.

Judge Dennis Phipps granted Sindey and Tammy Moorer a $5,000 cash surety bond for each count of the indecent exposure counts, and a $10,000 cash surety bond for the count of obstruction of justice, totaling $20,000 for each of them.

A hold was placed on both of them, which means they cannot bond out until all their charges are released, according to Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

Judge Phipps says Tammy and Sidney Moorer each face up to ten years for the obstruction of justice charge, and up to three years for each of the two indecent exposure counts.

But now, Tammy Moorer also faces a Kidnapping charge. No bond hearing has been held on that charge.

How these charges relate to Heather Elvis, who disappeared more than two months ago, has not been released.

"Anything that we release at this point could jeopardize the case. We've got to be really tight-fisted on of that stuff. Certainly not trying to deprive the public or the family of any information but right now it could do more harm than it could do good," explained Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

Richardson added that both his office along with law enforcement will continue to investigate and plans on filing more severe charges against both Tammy and her husband Sidney Moorer.

Tammy Moorer's defense attorney said that he's already preparing for the worst case scenario.

"It has been a long investigation. This is either a missing person or possibly a homicide so clearly that's in the public domain and that's what the focus of this has been," defense attorney Greg McCollum explained.