Horry County steps closer to tighter regulations on adult businesses

Tuesday night, Horry County Council members passed the second reading of two ordinances that would change the way adult entertainment businesses are regulated within the county.

Now, the two adult entertainment ordinances - one dealing with zoning and another with licensing- are up for a third and final vote before they become county law.

Under the proposed ordinances, the businesses must be 1,500 feet away from areas like parks, schools, and churches.

They also can't hire people who've been convicted of a crime of a sexual nature, such as prostitution, in the previous five years.

Liz Gilland, a former council member who has written ordinances on adult entertainment businesses in Horry County in the past, says it's time for council to act.

"It is way overdue. County Council has passed time because we didn't keep up with advances legally on restrictions that you can put against adult entertainment establishments," Gilland said.

Council members also had a chance to ask questions of the county's attorney before making their final vote.

"The thing that was strongest in me back in '92 and is the same today is that we have staked our claim to an internationally popular family resort community. If there's one thing that does not go along with families, it's adult entertainment," Gilland said.

The ordinances are up, as-is, for a third and final vote on September 3rd.

Some adult business owners were at Tuesday night's meeting, but chose not to comment on the pending ordinances at this time.

Monday, we reported on concerns from the Carolina Forest Civic Association that one of these businesses was looking to relocate to that area. According to Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus, the ordinances as written would not allow adult entertainment businesses in Carolina Forest.