Horry County officials: police will enforce new adult ordinances

It's been 90 days since Horry County council passed new ordinances to regulate adult businesses. That was the deadline for those businesses to comply with the laws or face fines.

In September, a federal judge threw out a request for a temporary restraining order that would have delayed the new ordinances from taking effect.

The new regulations require adult entertainment establishments and their employees to be licensed by the county. There are also new definitions for nudity and new limits on where strip clubs and adult stores can locate.

County officials say time's up for businesses to comply.

"These existing businesses have had plenty of time to conform to these regulations and change their practices, so we will begin those enforcements of those particular ordinances," said Horry County public information officer Lisa Bourcier.

Bourcier says the county doesn't want to reveal how the law will be enforced.

An employee of the Inserections adult store on U.S. 501 says the store's adult viewing rooms, which are regulated under the new law, closed Monday and the entire store will close soon, though she could not say when.

The co-owner of Airport Video Express refused to comment on the store's plans to comply. WPDE NewsChannel 15 did not get a response from the owner of the Gold Club, though supporters of the new ordinance say they believe the club is changing to a non-adult establishment.

Bourcier says it appears some businesses are complying while others are taking a wait-and-see attitude.

"I think business owners of these types of establishments are weighing their options. 'Are we going to conform to these regulations? If not, is it worth a fight with the county?' So I think you're starting to see particular businesses that are choosing to make those changes to their businesses."

Bourcier says there were months of discussion and public hearings about the new laws, so it's not like business owners were unaware of them.