Horry County Council puts the brakes on adult entertainment business ordinance

For the past few months, some Horry County leaders have been trying to create stricter rules for adult entertainment facilities within the county because they say the current laws are outdated and hard to enforce.

As of now, the proposed ordinance would mean many of the adult entertainment businesses would be forced to shut down.

It states that adult entertainment businesses should be at least fifteen hundred feet from "sensitive land," such as churches, parks and schools. Adult entertainment businesses would also have to be at least 750 feet away from any other adult establishment.

But at a council workshop Tuesday night, a committee was formed to make sure the proposed ordinance is fair for the businesses before it goes any further.

"When the majority of council is not comfortable with an issue, and doesn't have all the answers that they really need and are comfortable with them, I think that's the best way to do it. To try and get answers to all the questions that they may need and give others opportunity to bring us information," Council Chairman Mark Lazarus said.

The committee will further study the effects possible new rules would have on both adult entertainment businesses and the county before the ordinance is discussed by council any further.

"The members that I put on the committee, their districts are the most by what's going on or what the new ordinances they're proposed by staff, they're districts would be affected the most. And that's where some of these could locate to, so I wanted to make sure that they have the biggest seat at the table," Lazarus said.

Law enforcement is also going to be involved after they heard from some county leaders who say many of the businesses are already violating current laws.

Owners of adult entertainment businesses that would be affected by the ordinance were at the meeting, but didn't want to comment on the situation.