Homeless center for teens needs your help to stay open

Project Lighthouse, an emergency drop-in center for youth under the age of 21 needing assistance, has lost its funding for next year and will have to close its doors if enough money isn't raised to keep it in operation.

It was started 14 years ago by Sea Haven- a group that helps youth who have unstable lives.

"We can apply for the funding again in four months, but can't access the money for a year if we are approved," Christina Jackson, Executive Director of Project Lighthouse said.

The center is on Highway 15 in Myrtle Beach and runs mostly off of money from the Department of Health and Human Services. Jackson said budget cuts have put competition for these funds at an all-time high.

They have enough money to stay open through the end of December, but say donations are needed to continue to operate as of next year.

"Our expenses run around $8,000, and that is basic necessities. So if we can continue that, we can continue to have the services that we have," Jackson.

The center offers services such as food, water, laundry facilities, a recreational area and clothing for youth in need.

Michelle Malliet, 20, has been homeless for four years, and calls Project Lighthouse as close to home as she can get.

"If I haven't slept all night because I haven't found a place to sleep, I'll come here and I'll take a nap. I definitely utilize everything here," Malliet said.

If you'd like to donate to save Project Lighthouse, click here.