HCPD Beach Patrol enforcing tent bans

All shading devices except umbrellas are banned on beaches in the unincorporated parts of Horry County, and as of April 15th, Horry County Police Department's Beach Patrol has been enforcing it.

The ban is in effect 365 days a year and Beach Patrol says it will allow emergency vehicles to access the beach easier.

Tina Branton, a local of Myrtle Beach says the beaches will be less congested.

"Last year when we came it was overwhelming, there were so many (tents) because people were bringing their own," said Branton.

Erik Karney, lance corporal with the HCPD Beach Patrol Division said not only are they spreading the word, but signs will soon be posted.

"We have signs that are being printed out and they are going to be at all the public beach access. They will also be attached to every lifeguard chair," said Karney.

After notifying the public, if needed, a citation can be given for up to $225.

North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach also have tent bans. Click here for more information on when NMB tent bans start, and click here for when Myrtle Beach tent bans begin.

To see the beach that are located in the unincorporated ares of Horry County, click here.