Grand Strand honors the military with 5th Salute from the Shore

For the fifth year, Salute from the Shore organized 10 vintage aircraft to fly over Grand Strand beaches to honor those fighting for America.

"If you're an American and you don't get chill bumps or bring a tear to your eye then there's something wrong with you. It's an incredible, moving, moment to see everybody out in the beach doing the same thing saluting and honoring the military," said Andy Folsom, president of Salute from the Shore.

Veteran Dave Shipp who makes the salute a part of his 4th of July tradition said it's special to see the public show appreciation.

"I came to the beach strictly to see the planes," said Shipp.

The 4th of July festivities continued into Friday night at The Market Common where they're celebrating the fourth with a block party until 9 p.m.

Manny and Rosemary Tutrone, residents of The Market Common, are excited for what's planned.

"They're going to have carriage rides, and close the streets down and have food and drinks, face painting for the children, so it's family oriented," said Manny and Rosemary.

The movie 'Field of Dreams' will also play at Valor Park at 9 p.m.

Salute from the Shore is asking for any video or pictures you may have taken of the planes flying overhead. You can post the footage to their Facebook page, YouTube, or click here.