Gov. Haley discusses campaign and issues with NewsChannel 15

Governor Nikki Haley

Governor Nikki Haley formally announced her plans to seek a second term on Monday in Greenville.

Tuesday, she talked about running again in an exclusive interview with WPDE NewsChannel 15 at the Governor's Mansion in Columbia. She says, "people are excited about what's happening in South Carolina. The jobs, the economy."

When asked about whether she's not done enough to bring jobs to the Pee Dee where some of the state's counties hardest hit by the recession are, she had this to say, "You know the funniest thing is no matter where I do a job announcement everybody is saying why didn't it happen in my city. What I will tell you is we've announced jobs in 45 out of 46 counties and we're doing that on purpose so we're not focusing on one region."

The governor also says she is working to bring more companies to Horry County after it was announced gun maker PTR is relocating from Connecticut to Horry County, "I stay on the phone with companies in the U.S. and overseas. We are constantly doing meetings. Yes it is a big priority, but I'm not just looking at gun manufacturers. I want all manufacturing."

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