Goats return to Murrells Inlet island

The goats back on Goat Island in Murrells Inlet. They made their annual return for the summer season this year on Wednesday, April 13. (Bill Mannix / WPDE)

The goats of Goat Island in Murrells Inlet made their return today.

Each November, the goats are taken off of the island to a farm for the winter.

"There's just not enough for them to graze on and it does get awful cold for us Southerners," Drunken Jack's owner Al Hitchcock said earlier.

The return of the goats to the small island in the marsh next to Drunken Jack's restaurant marks the end of winter, Hitchcock has said, and the end of winter this year was apparently April 13.

The goats were brought to the island years ago because someone was growing marijuana on the island and the restaurant's owners wanted to clear it out.

"So we put the goats there and they solved that problem for us," said Hitchcock.

The tradition then began of moving the goats every spring and fall, since they can't spend an entire winter on the small island.

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