Getting to the Myrtle Beach Marathon proving to be a marathon itself

A Fun Run and a Neon Run Friday night at Ripley's Aquarium kicked-off the Myrtle Beach Marathon weekend, but getting here was anything but fun for people traveling through this week's winter storm.

Organizers of the marathon say there were fewer people at Friday night's runs, and they're expecting the same to hold true for Saturday's marathon, because they simply couldn't get here on time.

"It took us 13 hours to get here. We hit snow all the way. But nothing was going to stop us from coming to run," said Eddie Neel, a marathon runner from Ohio.

Many runners are still expected to arrive at the last minute, and race organizers are bending some of the usual rules in order to accommodate everyone.

"We're making some changes to our event. We're actually having packets and race bib pickup in the morning. And that's something we've never done, but we're just trying to accommodate people coming at the last minute," Bill Stanton, an organizer for the marathon said.

Around 1,200 runners are signed up for this year's marathon, but with hundreds of cancelled and delayed flights from the northern states, it's still uncertain as to how many will actually make it in time.

"The weather has affected us a lot, because the week we were off for the ice storm, the first week, it really is the week that the P.E. teachers really push the race in their prospective schools. Then the past week where we had the snow and ice, it's really affected us, but we're still here, and we're ready to have a great time," Marsha Lawson, an organizer for the marathon said.

The marathon is usually a big money maker in terms of economic impact for the city of Myrtle Beach, and organizers say if runner numbers are down, it could hurt the overall profits.