Front Street businessman steps up to help neighbors after fire

Wednesday morning, immediately after hearing about the Front Street fire in Georgetown, the manager of Wild Fish Grill jumped in his car and drove from Pawleys Island. He says he was praying his restaurant was okay.

"I was trying to figure out what was important enough that I had to pull out, and I knew there was nobody in there at that time," said Trevor Day, the manager of Wild Fish Grill.

One he realized the fire wasn't going to reach his restaurant, he spent the next few hours on Front Street, watching other businesses go up in flames. He knew it was his job as a business owner and friend to others on the street to help out.

"The town really welcomed us, so that's why I think it's so important for us to do something for them," said Day.

For the past two days, there have been signs, jars and flyers all around Wild Fish Grill asking for donations to help those who lost everything in the fire.

"It's going to be a lot to overcome for them, so if we can raise some money while we're still kind of in the busy season, I think that will go a long way." But that's not all Day is doing. He's even offer jobs at Wild Fish Grill to some of those who've been displaced.

"The staff I have in place here, they're a good group of people. They're understanding that they may need to take a step back on a shift and allow somebody else to come in. And there's a big difference from having four shifts a week to no shifts a week, and if I can take somebody from five to four and give a couple people each a shift, you know, that goes a long way," he said.

Day says he's excited to have three new employees start as soon as next week.

Wild Fish grill will also have a big cookout fundraiser at the restaurant on Front Street on Saturday at 12noon.

A relief fund has been set up for the victims. You can donate to the Front Street Fire Relief Fund at any First Citizens Bank in South Carolina, or you can call 843-546-8591.