Fireworks are no fun for Fido

Many Americans will watch the skies light up with fireworks during Independence Day week, but your pets may not enjoy them as much as you do.

National statistics show more animals go missing around the Fourth of July than any other time of year, because loud explosions caused by fireworks often make them run in fear.

"Their ears are more sensitive than ours are, so they can pick up the noise further away than we can," Ellie McCue, volunteer at the Grand Strand Humane Society said.

McCue said there are ways to make the holiday less stressful for your four-legged friends.

"Some animals are crate-trained, so put them in their crate. They feel safe there, and if you're going to a celebration, keep the animals in the house and maybe play the radio or put the TV on loud to kind of drown out the noise for them," McCue said.

She also said to make sure they're easily identifiable in case the booms make them bolt.

"If for some reason they're having fireworks in your neighborhood, and you're out in the backyard enjoying them and everything, and one of your pets sneaks out today, make sure they have their collars on with their identification tags on them so in case they do get lost, they'll be able to be found," McCue said.

There are products on the market, such as the Thundershirt, that claim to ease pet anxiety during stressful events. McCue said there's no guarantee they'll work since every animal reacts differently.

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