Feeding others on Thanksgiving

For many, Thanksgiving is about giving back to the community.

Around 50 volunteers helped prepare Thanksgiving meals for more than 300 people at the Low Country Community Church on Thursday.

Not only did volunteers serve people for free, they also delivered meals to anyone who was unable to leave their home.

The delivery also extended to personnel who had to work Thursday, including firefighters, gas station clerks, and emergency room staff.

Louise Goodman, a member of Low Country Community Church says volunteering her time has changed her life.

"This amazing experience of being able to meet a person who is homeless and living in her car and just knowing how thankful she was that she's had a place to come and celebrate and have a hot meal," said Goodman.

Mickey Bunts has been volunteering for six years. He says he enjoys lending a helping hand.

"It's good to be helping out people who might be less fortunate or not here at all, or not home; you know, out of town. They might want to come in for a dinner," said Bunts.

The food was served from noon until 3 p.m.