FDA wants lights out for young tanners

To combat the amount of skin cancer cases in people in their teens and twenties, the FDA is proposing that tanning beds not be used by anyone under the age of eighteen.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, close to 2.3 million teenagers in the United States tan indoors every year.

"We try to make sure that everybody, regardless, of whether you are a minor or not, understands that there are risks associated with tanning. You have to take precautions and follow suggestions and advice that we give you," Mimi Horan, manager of Tan Yer Hide in Conway.

The FDA also wants the warning of a risk of skin cancer to be advertised in promotional materials such as posters, websites and catalogues.

DeAnn Singleton, owner of Salon C and Endless Summer Tanning in Conway, sees close to 300 people tan at her salon every week. She said changing signs and pamphlets in her store would be expensive.

"Advertising is costly. Very costly. Most of our clients are return clients, so they're aware of how we handle things, but it would still be a very cost-defective thing for us to go through, to have to do all advertising on everything again," Singleton said.

Horan said she doesn't think adding extra warnings would deter people from tanning.

"You can put it out warnings, stickers, labels, you name it. But I think if someone has it in their mind that they want to tan, they will," Horan said.

Regulators also want manufacturers to limit the amount of radiation emitted from beds at indoor tanning salons and require them to meet certain safety requirements.

A final decision on age limits for tanning beds and adding warnings to advertisements will be made after 90 days.