Family members push for missing persons law

Lonnie Jordan, stepfather of Zack Malinowski who hasn't been seen since August 25, wants lawmakers to draft and pass a new law which he calls 'Zack's Law', to help the families of missing people.

Jordan says even though his step-son Zack Malinowski's missing, Zack has things like cell phone bills and other matters that need attention. Jordan says current laws make it difficult for the family to handle those types of things.

"I've been speaking up for missing persons, but I don't think I should be the voice, I think it should be a professional voice," said Jordan.

Jordan says it can be difficult for families to retrieve online passwords of the missing.

"If you're using the big names like Google, it's very difficult because of the privacy issues," said Jordan.

Under the proposed law, he'd like an advocate, or power of attorney to take over as a voice for the missing person.

"The closest friends, the last contact should be ruled out immediately, and then first of kin or an advocate to get power of attorney," said Jordan.

Horry County Soliticor, Jimmy Richardson says family members can already petition for power of attorney.

"Any victims family can petition the court after the person is confirmed missing. They can go to a court and ask them for a power of attorney," said Richardson.

As for the families being ruled out in the disappearance of a loved one, Richardson says that could hinder the investigation.

"The part about the family being ruled out first is probably the worst idea in the law," said Richardson.

Lonnie Jordan hopes people will sign a petition asking lawmakers to create the law.

For a description of Zack's Law, click here.