Family looks to put a stop to stop sign runners

Residents in one Horry County neighborhood are fed up with drivers speeding through their neighborhood and rolling through stop signs.

Mike Fatzick has lived in a home off Caropine Drive in Horry County for about 30 years. He said he was in the neighborhood long before the stop signs were put up.

"This was a raceway running up and down this road without stop signs. People were flying through. Hell, they hit my dog one time," said Fatzick.

Though there are stop signs up now, Fatzick says drivers don't pay any attention to them. In fact, during an interview with WPDE one rolled through a stop sign.

"Hopefully while you're here you'll see what I'm talking about," he said. He then pointed to a driver who just ran the stop sign. "There's one that didn't stop either."

Another concerned resident is Megan Fatzick, who is Mike's daughter-in-law. She worries for her young son and daughter who often play in the front yard.

"We have to do something to stop them. Nothing gets done if no one says anything," Megan said.

Lt. Robert Kegler with the Horry County Police Department said when situations such as these pop up, they send an officer to monitor the area for a month.

Mike says he hopes help arrives before the danger gets any worse.

"Hopefully they can do something about it before somebody gets hurt," Mike said.

Lt. Kegler said drivers who run stop signs can get a ticket of $155 and 4 points on their licenses.

If this is happening in your neighborhood, contact the law enforcement agency in charge of patrolling your area and make sure to tell them what time of day an officer should be out monitoring the issue.