Empty aisles greeted Black Friday morning shoppers

The Black Friday has turned into Blah Friday, now that many store chains have decided to open on Thanksgiving evening, and some shoppers are none too happy about it.

For shoppers accustomed to the old routine, seeing empty aisles at stores on Black Friday morning was a bit of culture shock.

Stacy Rivera of Myrtle Beach was not expecting to find so few shoppers roaming the Target Store at Sayebrook Plaza near Surfside Beach Friday morning.

"It's very, very quiet," she said.

Many people used to enjoy getting up well before sunrise, braving the cold and battling the crowds. It was part of the fun of the Black Friday experience and something seems to be missing when those things aren't there.

"It takes everything away from the experience. You expect the rush and you know, in it for it and it's just not there," said Jill Tessier of Charlotte, NC.

Though some things have changed on Black Friday, there were still bargains to be had. In many cases, that meant in the electronics aisle.

"We had a couple door buster TVs, the Beats headphones are really popular this year and definitely the iPads as well," said Stephanie Mann, floor manager at Target.

Those shoppers who were willing to forego the hot specials on Thanksgiving night were rewarded with a kinder, gentler shopping Black Friday event.

"We definitely had the kind of guests in here that wanted to avoid the crowds last night, so people that weren't scrapping for those door busters are definitely in here for a calmer experience this morning," Mann said.

Whether opening on Thanksgiving is a one-year trend or the new reality for the large store chains remains to be seen, but some shoppers seem to miss the Black Friday of old.

"There are no customers. So it's kind of sad," said Tessier.