Do you wait until the last minute to Thanksgiving grocery shop?

Whatever the reason may be, many shoppers filled the aisles of grocery stores Wednesday, grabbing last minute essentials for their Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

"We have a lot of last minute shopping to do because I just got here last night," said Thea Martin, visiting her mother.

Whether it was baked goods or produce that shoppers were after, one thing was for sure; they were on a mission.

"Parsley and some celery, and some carrots to go in the stuffing," said Martin.

"Cranberry and pies for Thanksgiving dinner," said Betty Jenkins.

Sisters Betty Jenkins and Judy Greene, strategically planned to go to the store together to cut their time in half.

"Two of us so we can double up and share the hunting for things," said Jenkins.

But not all the shoppers called it 'last minute' shopping.

Denise Ferris says she typically shops the day before the holiday, that way she will know what food she's in the mood to cook.

"My problem is I don't worry about it a couple days in advance. I like to fly by the seat of my pants," said Ferris.