Cue Center for Missing Persons continues to search for Heather Elvis

It's been one week since Heather Elvis, 20, was reported missing and the Cue Center for Missing Persons is now calling out extra boats and help to search for her.

Elvis' car was found last Friday according to the Horry County Police Department at Peachtree Landing in Socastee.

Police say she was last seen at her parents house on Tuesday night and the last time her cell phone pinged was Wednesday, Dec.18 at 3 a.m.

Volunteers have been searching the Peachtree Landing area since Sunday, looking for any leads into the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

"Just ride and looking out through the woods, just keep an eye on the water," said Bernie Thornton, Cue Center volunteer.

As the search continues near the waterway, others in the community are doing their part to help spread the word. Many are hoping someone knows something and will come forward.

"Well we definitely have her missing poster in our business, we post articles on our business Facebook, our personal Facebook, our Instagram, Twitters, we've handed flyers out to the state park, neighborhoods we live in. Doing everything we can to let people be aware that she's missing," said Suzanne and Stephanie Lusi.

Suzanne and Stephanie Lusi, own a business next to the business owned by Heather's father, Terry, in The Market Common.

"He's really nice he's always working. He works really hard," said Stephanie Lusi.

Between putting up posters and signs, the community is sticking together until they find Elvis.

"Looking for any signs or anything really to give us something to go on," said Thornton.

The women say they won't stop spreading the word until Heather comes home.

"You never know someone may know something no information is too small," said Stephanie Lusi.

"As a parent, the heartache, I can't imagine and we're going to do everything we can to help, everything," said Suzanne Lusi.

If you have any tips your asked to call Horry County Police Department at (843) 915-5350.

There is an $11,000 reward being offered.

The Cue Center for Missing Persons is asking for any experienced boaters and fishermen that have boats to come out and help them search this weekend.

If you want to help call the center at (910)-343-1131.

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