County: Adult entertainment businesses not allowed in Carolina Forest

At the Carolina Forest Civic Association meeting Wednesday night, Horry County leaders said even under two proposed ordinances, adult entertainment businesses cannot open in the Carolina Forest community.

Two ordinances being considered right now by Horry County Council would put stricter regulations on adult entertainment businesses, and because of that, some of these businesses, like Airport Express Video, were looking to move into Carolina Forest.

Horry County leaders were invited to address the adult business issue at the meeting, as well as answer any questions residents had.

"As the development agreement stands, adult entertainment is not allowed in the development agreement. Second thing is, all of the International Paper properties within Carolina Forest and any Burroughs and Chapin properties that we've found, are all deed restricted. That's filed at the courthouse. That they're restricted to no adult entertainment. So within Carolina Forest, there is no property available for this type of activity," Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus said.

There are a few spots along Highway 501 that Lazarus said may be possible for these businesses to move into, but it depends on the property owners.

The two ordinances are up for a third and final vote at the county council meeting on September 3. Under the proposed ordinances, the businesses must be 1,500 feet away from areas like parks, schools, and churches, and they can't hire people convicted of certain sexual or drug-related crimes in the past five years.

Airport Express Video said in a statement that if the ordinances pass, they will file a lawsuit on September 4.