Councilwomen walk out during Atlantic Beach meeting

More drama unfolded at Monday night's Atlantic Beach Town Council meeting, as two council members walked out because of one of their fellow council members.

Just five minutes into the the monthly meeting, Councilwomen Carolyn Cole and Wendy Price left the meeting due to the fact that Councilwoman Josephine Isom is still a member of council.

This is the second time the women have left Atlantic Beach Town Council meetings over Isom, and Cole said she's never seen Atlantic Beach in such poor shape.

"The government has basically been hijacked. I have seen worse street crime in Atlantic Beach, but never this degree of public corruption at the top where no laws were followed in terms of the state laws," said Cole.

In August 2012, council voted to remove Isom for failure of completing her assigned duties.

Last month, Atlantic Beach's Election Commission, or at least the group that claims to have the title, set an election to replace Isom. They later announced John Sketers was the winner of the seat.

Mayor Jake Evans says none of that was valid, and said he's looking forward to November's voting period for a change of council representation.

"The council members who cause all the disturbance are up for re-election in November. And the townspeople and the citizens here in Atlantic Beach are sick and tired of them. And then they will no longer be here. And then we can live happily ever after," Evans said.

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