Church members unite to help Front Street fire victims

Members of Duncan United Methodist Church in Georgetown banded together Friday to help victims of the Front Street Fire through a disaster relief dinner.

The dinner included food, prayers and baskets for people to donate gift cards or money to those who lost everything in the fire.

Gwynne Gilmer, a member of the church, coordinated the event. As soon as she heard about Wednesday's fire, she knew she had to help out.

"Just looking at the disaster, I've lived through one and lost everything, so I know what it feels like. My heart just went out to them," Gilmer said.

She said after living through a similar disaster, community support is key to recovery.

"I'm sure they can't afford to go out and eat every night, and these firefighters have nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bananas. So I called up my church, called up my Pastor and everybody, and asked if we could use their facilities. I just put it on Facebook as an event, and had people responding within minutes," Gilmer said.

Aside from food and money, the church also had job applications available for those who were left jobless after the fire.

"I love seeing how the community and everyone else is just pitching in and doing everything they can to help," Chris Joseph, former employee of Limpin' Janes Old Southern Eatery, which was destroyed in the fire, said.

Gilmer said she couldn't be more proud of what the community has done to help so far.

"It just touches your heart to know that so many people came together so quickly to help their community that they love," Gilmer said.

If you weren't able to make it out to the fundraiser, but would still like to donate, you can go to any First Citizens Credit Union and donate to the Front Street Fire relief fund.