Christmas shopping crunch

We're all guilty of procrastinating on something or another, and it may make you feel better to know that you're not alone if you procrastinate on holiday shopping!

Out of 1,500 people surveyed by Consumer Reports, 31% said they haven't even begun shopping yet, and of those who've started, 49% said they still had more than half of their shopping yet to do.

"I'm not finished, I'm towards the end, but I'm not really towards the end yet," laughed Sharita Funderburke of Myrtle Beach.

Retail employees, including those at Best Buy in Myrtle Beach, are working endless hours helping shoppers who haven't crossed everything off their Christmas shopping lists just yet.

"People are super busy this time of year, family in for Thanksgiving. It's hard. I see a lot of people walking around who are just getting Christmas lists from grandchildren and nieces and nephews," Best Buy in Myrtle Beach General Manager Jon Leidel said.

He said this year's shopping season is a little different than those in years past.

"It's the shortest amount of days between Black Friday and Christmas because of where Thanksgiving fell, so we've been going full steam since Black Friday," Leidel said.

But there can be some benefits to waiting until the last minute.

Daily deals, one-day sales are all things to keep an eye out for over the next week.

And as always, if you need shopping help, just ask.

"I've found that the people that are most successful if they don't know about the technology, have pictures on their phone. I've had a lot of grandparents come in like, I just need this thing, and they send me a picture, and that's great. It helps us narrow it down in the field," Leidel said.