Cat dead after Beagles attack

The Cohen family in Carolina Forest wasn't ringing in a happy New Year after getting a call from their neighbors saying they witnessed a pack of beagles killed their cat at their Spring Lake community home.

"We heard a bunch of barking, and usually our neighbors dogs always bark, but it was a different type of bark," Heather Yee, one of the witnesses said.

Yee's home is directly behind Cohen's. She and her cousin Michelle heard the barking around 9 a.m. on New Year's Day, and when they looked out their window, they saw 5 beagles attacking the Cohen's 3-year-old cat, Wilbur.

"We just saw the circle of them with the cat and the cat in the middle, and we just ran outside first instinct to go help the cat."

The girls ran to the backyard to try and save the cat, but unfortunately, Wilbur didn't survive the attack.

"They were clearly trained hunting dogs. There was no doubt about it by their behavior and everything and the way they chased the cat and was attacking it," Michelle Parson, Yee's cousin said.

Laura Cohen, Wilbur's owner, wasn't home at the time, but got the phone call about Wilbur shortly after the attack.

Her family was devastated by the news, and they think the beagles may be responsible for some other pets who've been found dead in the Spring Lake community over the past few weeks.

"The other concern we had when the beagles were running loose that day was that there were small children in the area playing, and and we didn't know what they would do to a small child either," Cohen said.