Cable shows love Myrtle Beach, but is it good for the area?

The Grand Strand seems to be a hot place for cable TV shows lately. One locally-based series is set to premier soon and an episode for another series is shooting this week.

The Food Network show Restaurant: Impossible is filming Wednesday and Thursday of this week at the Old World Italian Restaurant in Murrells Inlet.

It remains to be seen if the makeover show will be good for the restaurant, but it's been great so far for Patrick's Hot Dog stand, which is set up on a street corner just outside the restaurant.

"I've been down here since 9:30 this morning, like non stop," said Michelle Argoe, who was working at the stand with her husband Tuesday.

Argoe said the show's film crew loves the Italian sausages served there and Argoe's husband, who owns the hot dog stand, thinks he won't be the only one to benefit.

"I think this is good for the whole area, especially for the restaurant business," said Patrick Argoe.

Mark Mitchell, who teaches tourism marketing at Coastal Carolina University, agrees that the show will bring positive attention to all 1,900 Grand Strand restaurants.

He says the show is very American.

"We're a nation of grace and we're a nation of second chances and restaurant impossible is just that," Mitchell said.

Mitchell is unsure about the impact of another cable show, Welcome to Myrtle Manor, a soon-to-appear TLC reality show about life in a Myrtle Beach trailer park.

But Mitchell says Restaurant: Impossible focuses on one restaurant that needs help, and it doesn't mean all local restaurants are struggling. The same goes for Myrtle Manor.

"So we have a unique neighborhood in our community. That doesn't mean every neighborhood is unique like they are. Just means there's some interesting characters in that neighborhood."

Mitchell says similar trailer parks could be found in practically any city.

And he adds, in the end, all press is said to be good - if they get your name right.