Black Friday creep into Thanksgiving sparking a backlash

More retail store chains this year are giving Americans a head start on holiday shopping by opening their doors on Thanksgiving day, though not all shoppers are thrilled with the Black Friday creep.

Best Buy and Walmart will kick off their sales at 6 p.m. Thursday, while Sears, Target, Kohls and JC Penney will open at 8 p.m.

The National Retail Federation says 33 million Americans will head to stores on Thanksgiving day, nearly a quarter of all those who plan to shop over the holiday weekend.

Many shoppers at the Myrtle Beach Costco, which will be closed on Thanksgiving, told WPDE NewsChannel 15 shopping on the holiday just isn't right.

"In my humble opinion, it's just a continuation of the breakdown in our culture here in America," said Mike Phipps of Sunset Beach, NC. "I'm not really happy about it."

Said Herb Burrell of Lake Hartwell, GA: "I disagree with it. I think we're pushing holidays one into another and greed is what's driving the thing."

But others say it's no big deal, that Thanksgiving might be the perfect day to pick up some good bargains.

"I think it's all right because a lot of people aren't with their families and it gives them something to do," said Sue Hartrick of Myrtle Beach. "You don't have to go if you don't want to."

Others point out that heading to the store on Thanksgiving isn't all that new. Certain stores have long opened their doors on that day.

"I'm not sure why the stores are coming in for criticism because the grocery stores are open, the restaurant stores are open, so I'm not sure what all the stink's about," said Tom Adams of Murrells Inlet.

But there are those who say retail store employees should be allowed to enjoy the holiday like millions of others.

"I think that they should have off that day and be home with their family. Only happens once or twice a year," said Bernadette Rosenkranz of Myrtle Beach.

"It makes me not want to shop at those stores, because there needs to be time for family," said Eve Schoepf of Myrtle Beach.

The Gray Thursday trend has sparked an organized backlash. The Facebook page Say No to Shopping on Thanksgiving has gained thousands of supporters and various Save Thanksgiving online petitions have sprung up, urging stores to close on the holiday and shoppers to boycott the stores that stay open.