Bikers head home as Bike Fest 2013 wraps up

The 2013 Atlantic Beach Bike Fest has come to an end, with thousands of bikers packed up and heading home.

North Myrtle Beach police say up to 300,000 people were on the Grand Strand for this year's event.

One of them was Dayna Diggs, of Raleigh, who sells custom-made jewelry. She had never come to Bike Fest as a vendor before this year.

"I really enjoyed myself. I never saw so many bikes in one place," Diggs said.

She says the crowd was good and she made money, so she'll be back next year.

"I do different markets in North Carolina and everyone comes to bike week, so I said this year, I'm going to go ahead and see, and it was good."

But others who have come to Bike Fest for many years say the event isn't what it used to be. They recall days when there just seemed to be more people here for the festival.

"Seems like the crowd itself has declined over the years. I think that's due to the economy and things of that nature," said Raphell Holliday of Fayetteville, NC. "But smaller people, better time."

One woman who's been coming to Bike Fest for 25 years says regardless of the size of the crowd, she'll keep coming back for more.

"It's better, better, better," said Gloria Quick of Dillon. "Because there's more things to see and everything."

South Carolina Highway Patrol urged bikers heading home to use Highway 22, also known as the Conway Bypass, to avoid congestion on major routes out of Myrtle Beach.