Bike riding to help fight brain cancer

Greg Sousa arrived at Coastal Cancer Center in Myrtle Beach Wednesday with a purpose. It's day two of a 700 mile journey.

Sousa is biking from North Carolina to Florida to raise awareness and money for brain cancer, something he knows all about.

Sousa was diagnosed with brain cancer and underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor in July 2012.

"My haircut, you can see the line in my hair where they cut the skin. The dent in my forehead is part of the door in the skull. You pull the door out and most of the tumor out," said Greg Sousa, brain cancer survivor.

Sousa uses exercise as a recovery tool.

"Exercises and movement, doesn't have to be the exercises that I'm doing, I know that this is a very big distance that I'm covering, is a key component to recovery, both psychologically and physically, through major events," said Sousa.

Sousa is recently out of treatment and continues to show his strength.

"It's a reflection of the cancer community. It's not me, I'm standing here alone, but there are many people that stand beside me and support the fight against cancer. So I'm lucky," said Sousa.

Sousa's ride has already inspired many including Carol Fisher, who is also a brain cancer survivor. "Incredible, incredible. I don't know how he does it," she said.

So far Sousa has raised $3,000, his goal is $10,000.

He is expected to arrive in Ormond Beach, FL on October 3.

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