Atlantic Beach swears in two new council members, despite lawsuit

Two new Atlantic Beach Town Council members will be sitting on council at the Town Council meeting on Monday, March 3.

The members, Ken McLaurin and Lenearl Evans, were sworn in last Thursday, but controversy still surrounds the latest town election.

In November, the town held two elections: one on the 5th and one on the 12th.

The one on the 5th was run by Patricia Bellamy's Municipal Election Commission, which she claims is the legitimate M.E.C.

The one held on the 12th was run by Joe Montgomery, which the Town of Atlantic Beach recognizes as the real M.E.C.

Since the elections, Carolyn Cole and Windy Price have retained their seats on council, since they filed a lawsuit disputing the November 12 election results.

At an Atlantic Beach Bikefest meeting Tuesday night, where no major votes were taken on Bikefest, Mayor Jake Evans confirmed to WPDE NewsChannel 15 that both Evans and McLaurin will take their seats on council.

"We've been through a lot of hard times and hold outs and appeals to finally get the government officials in office that the citizens have fighting for to get in office for a long time," Mayor Evans said.

Windy Price, on the other hand, said she and Carolyn Cole are continuing to pursue their lawsuit against the town, claiming they should be the ones sitting on council.

"When it all is said and done, all the players will be called out that's a part of this big conspiracy. So we're not worried. We're jubilant. We're very happy. We always know they celebrate prematurely on everything and the truth will be revealed," Price said.